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Full client services

market research and market analyzing for product performances, networking, find partners (prudentially reliable companies), post activities

Providing full or partial service for the client (company that wants to penetrate the market of Croatia,  

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Monte Negro or Macedonia)

1. market research

2. market analyze

3. networking

4. find partners/buyers/distributors (prudentially reliable companies) - database of potential TOP buyers

5. initial contacting

6. submit the personal card/companies presentation

7. HR and staff recruitment

8. Visas and work permits

9. Outsourcing

10. Monthly bookkeeping services

11. Internal audit services

12. Find office premises

13. Buy or rent commercial property

14. Website development and SEO

15. eCommerce business solutions

16. Tenders / Public Procurement

17. control of implementation of contractual activities in the field

18. upon the order is successfully agreed it is possible to organize: control of raw materials, semi-products and final quality control in accordance with deadlines,

packaging, logistics, and deliveries to the destination...

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Sweat equity

Required skills

open minded entrepreneur passionate about clients

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January 24, 2018

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