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We believe that you have great ideas. And we believe that with a great team you will be able to make them happen. Go and change the world!

WHY: We believe in you and we believe in your ideas!

The idea for Cofinder came to us because we were facing the same problem. We were stuck with our own projects as we had just lost a team member or we couldn't find anybody with the right skills to help us. All our great ideas died or didn't happen because we weren't able to find the right people at the right time. After complaining to each other about the problem Cofinder just kind of took off. It was something that we had to build - for us and for all the other people that were struggling with the same problem.

HOW: We want to connect you to the right people at the right time.

The best way to help startup teams and entrepreneurs-to-be is by helping them find and connect with the right people at the right time. It would have meant the world to us if we were able to gather a complete team before starting some of our part projects. The right people in a team with the right knowledge will speed up your development and help you reach your product-market fit. 

WHAT: We are building a place where you can search and connect to your perfect co-founder.

We were thinking a lot about how to help as many people as possible. We decided that the best way to start is to build an online tool that will help you search for the right people. For this tool to work we also needed to gather people in one place where ideas would be presented and co-founders would connect to each other. This way we hope to help other entrepreneurs by letting them build great teams around ideas that will change the world!

Stepping in to the real world

We are also developing matchmaking events where we connect co-founders around their ideas in real time. These events are really fun and dynamic and the feedback from the first tests was amazing. If you would like to organize a matchmaking event in your local area please contact us and we can see if we can make it happen.

PS: We are always looking for new people to join us on our path so please check out below who we are looking at this moment.


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